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The LRV Agri-Science Farm coconut processing facility is the first and only coconut processing facility in the Philippines as of this time to be a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and will be the first coconut processing facility in the Philippines to be LEED-Certified.

The LRV Agri-Science Farm coconut processing facility meets the LEED requirement for a “Green Building” structure through its efficient use of energy, water and other resources. Only VOC-Free Paints (zero volatile organic compounds) were used in the interiors of the building. Sun-roofing is used throughout the building as well as recycling water and energy-conservation lights are used. Other construction materials used have all been chosen for their respect for the environment.

The processing facility also exemplifies "organic architecture" in that the building design is inspired by nature, is sustainable, conserving, diverse, "grow out of the site" and is unique. The shape of the ROOF of the building represents the top view of the canopy of leaves of the coconut tree and the exterior walls and some columns are actually overlaid with real coconut shells .
Coconut Republic's Coconut SYRUP comes from coconut trees belonging  to the specie of Cocos Nuciferawhich is different and should be distinguished  from "other" Palm Tree Saps. While the "Coconut Tree" with scientific name of cocos nucifera belongs to the Palm Family (Arecaceae) . There are 2,600 different species of Palm Trees. NOT all Palm Trees belong to the cocos nucifera specie, the tree that produces the “coconut’. In other words, coconut sap and palm sap ; coconut syrup and palm syrup are NOT necessarily one and the same thing.  The palm sap and / or palm syrup may be coming from other palm trees such as date palm, nipa palm, palmyra palm (borassus:Indonesia) etc. which are different from the coconut tree. Although the names are used interchangeably, palm sugar / syrup and coconut sugar / syrup are NOT the same.


The Philippines , the largest coconut  exporter in the world continues to maintain its leadership in coconut sap production

Coconut SAP yields varies from tree to tree, spadix to spadix, day to day, season to season, time of collection and location.



Coconut Republic's  Coconut SUGAR/SYRUP is made from pure, unadulterated fresh  Coconut SAP that comes from cut flower buds of organically grown coconut trees. In photo are the yellow coconut flowers. Coconut SAP can be tapped all-year round (365 days in a year).

Coconut sap harvesters (tappers) literally "go out on a limb" and climb the coconut tree 4x a day to harvest the fresh coconut sap from cut flower buds of organically grown coconuts. As a wise saying goes: " Anything worth doing takes a risk...go out on that limb, that's where the fruit is. "
With proper management, it is now possible to have two products from a single spadix, SAP and NUTS.
Tapping of Fresh Coconut SAP using bamboo receptacles (or BPA-Free collecting vessels)
Volume of SAP flow varies with the age, variety, location and general condition of the coconut tree.

Photo of the sweet watery SAP that drips from cut flower buds of fresh coconuts

Traditional Method - OPEN PAN EVAPORATION
Slow dehydration of the fresh coconut sap to concentrate the sugar. Coconut Republic's Coconut Syrup is made from 100% pure fresh coconut sap, no other ingredient is ever added. The total cooking time for Coconut Republic's Coconut SYRUP using the traditional open pan evaporation method is only for a total of one (1) hour and 30 minutes.

Coconut Republic does NOT use any complex technologies and there   are NO chemical-based extensive food processing methods used in converting the  fresh coconut sap to coconut syrup except to evaporate or dehydrate the water content in the fresh coconut sap to concentrate it so it will become syrup through the traditional open pan evaporation.
Coconut Sap undergoes LOW heat (40 deg C to 42 deg C)
in a vacuum evaporator which produces  RAW Coconut Syrup.
It is made of 100% pure fresh coconut sap with NO other ingredient ever added.
In photo are RAW Coconut Syrup in bottles that were produced
using the vacuum evaporator under LOW heat ( 40 deg C to 42 deg C)
Coconut Syrup can come in different variants and brix levels. Coconut Republic's Coconut SYRUP is NOT refined and NOT highly processed  unlike whitesugar, cane syrup, agave syrup, high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners.
In photo are the Coconut Syrup in plastic food-grade HDPE Drums that are BPA-Free , ready for loading in container vans for export shipment.